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Beauty Review: Make over Intense Matte Lip Cream

Sister Swatch Sunday!

Following our first make up collaboration with @makeoverid in this month, now I will be revewing about the brand's Lip Cream product that named: Make Over Intense Matte Lip Cream.
In this project, Make Over Indonesia sent us @balibeautyblogger 5 of their shades that we did last sunday as a 'Sister Swatches'. 
Just For your Information, Make Over is a local Indonesian Brand that in the same head company with other local Indonesian Brands such as: Wardah and Emina. 

If yor are know Make Over before reading this post, you must be aware that most of the Make Over Products are in their signature Black Packaging. So do the Make Over Intense Matte Lip Cream, it comes with square clear glass tube with a glam box that made us could see the product inside. Like I shared before in: my Make Over Nudes Eyeshadow Palette Review, I love that Make Over had such an elegant packaging one of  the best local brand packaging for me. No more comment about packaging, because I love it since long ago.

Price :
IDR 90-99 K (Based on where you buy it)

Where to buy:
Make Over store in mall(s) in your city
Online shops
Drugstore near your city

Product & Shades:
Make Over Intense Matte Lip Creme contain about 6,00 gr of products that actually we got more than the other usual local indonesian brand. The formula are all THE SAME literally in all shades (Thumbs up up up!)
The original Make Over Intense Matte Lip Cream Product come with Eight Beautiful Shades, but no 004 Vanity, and 007, also 008 was sold out everywhere so the make over team can't find one for us, we also couldn't find the shades everywhere. So here are the colors that me and my friends from Bali Beauty Blogger have tried:
001 Lavish
002 Heiress
003 Secret
004 Vanity
005 Impulse
006 Scarlet

Swatch in Fair, Medium, and Tan Skin Tone

Swatch in My Hand

001 - Lavish

This is a bright pink-purple colour that actually really prety in swatches. But, this colour I thought can’t suitable in every skin tone, like mine. As you could see my skin is in range medium-to-tan, and this colour not working so good in my tan skin, it makes my skin looks like dirty, I don’t know if it could be seen on the screen but in real if you meet me, maybe you know what I mean. LOL. In fair skin this shade will be working so good.

002 Hairess
Hairess also the shades of pink in Make Over Intense Matte Lip Cream. This is a pure bright pink that actually cute to put on a date night make up look. A shade of pink like this is a kind of pink that I actually can afford in real life. I am not have specific crush with this colour not either hate it. 

003 Secret
The prettiest nude shades in the series that trully got me on hello. Secret is the nudest nude on the shades, the nude with white tone that actually could made me look pale while I am not put a make up on, but I think it would be perfect shade for my daily-hospital-life. In this outfit Secret really ‘made for me’, right?

004 Vanity
Everybody’s darling on this Make Over Intense Matte Lip Cream Series, the number one best selling and sold out everywhere. This is literally the best nudes among the series they said. I do agree but I don’t know I don’t have any special crush in this shade. The shade actually really pretty Nude-Brown tone that really suit our everyday looks. 

005 Impulse

I love love love Impulse. The Kind of red that suit my skin tone REAL good. A perfect Red that great for date night or night out, stunning, elegance, and just perfect. Anyway, this is not a pure red like you maybe could imagine, the shade are a red with a litlle touch of maroon. Super pretty, another love from first sight from the series.

006 Scarlet
Another red shade on the series that a REAL Red shade. A pretty red shade, nothing special, and so do this shade I have nothing like crush with this shade.

Pretty Packaging
Have the SAME formula in ALL SHADES
Got more products than the other local Brand
The color appear even in one swatch

Easy to stick on teeth (I am not Joking)

Too Sticky if applied in 2 layers

This lip cream, just like (maybe) you've read before is one of best local brand product. I do agree
Over all, the product for me is one of High Quality of Indonesian lokal product. Make Over Intense Matte Lip Cream for me worth the price, it maybe a pricey for local brand but with the quality product that you could get the colour in only one swatch. The one that matter to me is before the product get dried it transffered everywhere especially to my teeth :”) It’s really annoying, you know what I feel, right? But that's fine, while it gets dried it not transffered anymore! Yay!
Have you heard about this product? If yes what do you think about the product? Tell me down bellow, and lets have a small chit-chat.

Because One shade will never enough, right?

Anyway, My Sister Swatch Partner also posted about this Make Over Intense Matte Lip Creme!
Cek Out Her post by click in HERE!



  1. que tonos mas bonitos, el primero te queda genial

  2. great colors and your eye make up is really nice.

  3. Wonderful colors, I love the most pink one :-) Have a nice weekend :-)

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  5. I have never heard of this line but I love it! The shades are beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Yes, its a local indonesian poduct,thanks for reading mine!

  6. Wow, you are so sweet girl.
    Very nice post!
    Have a nice week!

    Moj mali kutak

    1. Thank you, its a very sweet kind of you! <3

  7. These look sooo pretty!

    Thanks for visiting my blog ,I followed you, now waiting for you dear ;) xx

  8. I haven't heard of these before but they sound great and I love the shade Secret :) I would just have to be careful not to get them all over my teeth if they transfer while they are drying! I am so bad for that but if they are OK once they have dried then that's not too bad and I think it's the same for a lot of these types of products. x

    1. True! I trying to wait till they dried to make it not tranffered to everywhre. LOL> the struggle is real.

  9. great swatches! lovely shades....I haven't heard of this brand before but I must say all of these lipsticks look amazing on you.

    1. Yes, is okay if you never heard about this product before, because its a local indonesian product <3

  10. Great post dear!

  11. Love this so much!

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  12. saat dicoba no 3 paling cakeeeep yahhhh :3 *mupeng kwokwowkowk

  13. Aku pribadi suka banget sama warna Hairess nya <3 Sebetulnya semua cocok di kamu tapi entah kenapa shade Secret ini bikin overall look kamu beda Ayu, bener-bener cantik! :)



    1. Iyaaaa, heiress kalau swatch bagus banget chelsea, tapi di aku ga bisa sih. Terlalu gonjreng. LOL
      Secret bagus banget di aku, pas :))

  14. Shadingnya bagus ya..they look good on you indeed..

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