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Party Nude Looks: Make Over Eyeshadow Nudes & Smokey Palette

Forever in Warm Tone Team!

March is in th town!
I couldn't even believe that February ended and its the third months (already?!) on 2017, time definetely fly away when I was Breathe air.
February going pretty much better than january, I mean that I've always struggle with new year, so in february I tho that I got better.  The other thing that I love from february is: New Make Up Collaboration with MAKE OVER INDONESIA! <3
Yes, yes! Make Over is our ( Bali Beauty Blogger) newest sponsor to do make up collaboration.
As some of you might know, Make Over Indonesia just launched new palettes that are Nudes and Smokey Eyeshadow Pallete.
Mine? Of course nudes, I am a forever warm tone team as you might know. LOL. Lets talk more about the product.

The product: Make Over Eyeshadow Nudes Palette

The package of Make Over Eyeshadow Nudes Palette come with a small, handy and clear+black tone color. The label of 'nudes' I really love it. Its elegant, modern, and looks really pretty. Even it comes without mirror I really like it, rather than they give me small weird mirror that somehow I tho could kinda destroy the pretty package. 
The product of Make Over Eyeshadow Nudes Palette also come with two sided brush that working real good. The brush on both side are so soft and usable in blending and creating fine line. I love the brush, seriously.

Contain 10g products that included 8 different nudes colours, Make Over Eyeshadow Nudes Palette are really pretty and I tho its a wide rate colors, that we could use as nudes, transition even smokey colors.

The Packaging also explain the ingredients of the product, expiry date, and the name of their shades

IDR 195K

Swatch Make Over Eyeshadow Nudes Palette on my hand be like...

As I write above the Nudes Palette contain 8 different warm tone colors, left to right:
1. Bone
2. Ivory Frost
3. Candy Rose
4. Champagne
5. Hot Stone
6. Copper
7. Espresso
8. Caviar

 What I used in my eyes:

Hot stone as my transition color in my crease, champagne on  my lids, add some more hot stone on my inner and outer corner and blend them, blend, blend, blend. 
As an inner corner highlight I used ivory frost and add some on my brow bone.
I think I good to go, now.
What do you think?

Mukka - Black Eyeliner Pencil

Make Over Nudes Eyeshadow Palette - Ivory Frost - Campagne - Hot Stone
Maybelline Newyork - Hiper Matte liquid liner

Wardah - Everyday Luminos Liquid Foundation
LA Gilr - Pro Conceal Concealer
Zoya - Translucent powder
Inez - Blush
Make Over Nudes Eyeshadow Palette - Bones (as Highlighter)

Sensatia Botanica - Lip Protection
Inez - LIp Liner
Revlon - Lipstick Ginger


Buy Again:
Yes, in Smokey.

As a first impression, this Make Over Eyeshadow Nudes palette contain color that pigmented enough for me to be working with. Some of the shades are powdery and some are not. If I maybe could suggest to Make Over Indonesia I hope that they could make all the shades with the same pigmentation so It would be increasing the products itself.
I love this palette over all, especially their hot stone shade, easy to blend with the brush itself and super pretty as a transition color. I can wait to play more with this Make Over Eyeshadow Nudes palette. Until the time come, see you dolls!

Go check out the full information about this Make Over Eyeshadow Nudes Palette product in: Make Over Indonesia's



  1. Amazing Palette, i love the Shades! Also you Eye Make up looks beautiful :)

    Have a lovely Day

  2. Really nice! Have a great new day.


  3. sudah up aja postnya XD matamu cantik kali yuuu ><

  4. This looks like such a pretty palette and I love the look you have created :) The shade Champagne is so nice and I think I would use that shade in particular all the time.

    1. I literally agree, I do sooo much in love with champagne too <3

  5. Stunning palette! Lovely shades!

  6. Replies
    1. Sama kak, aku juga suka banget warna-warnanya <3

  7. So nice!

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    1. I would like too of course! I will let you know if I already do

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  10. Keren abis jadinya yuu, you really killin' this look, so pretty and sweet as always ;)

  11. Lovely makeup!
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  12. Amazing palette!
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  13. You are so beautiful Dear:)

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  15. so great that you found a great eye-shadow palette! I really like the make up look you created. You look beautiful!!!

  16. Thanks for your comment, I just followed you ⊆♥_㇁♥⊇
    You are really cute and this palette is really nice, especially hot stone(°◡°♡).:。
    Btw, ur brows r goalzz :O ♡♡

    XX -

  17. Nude eyeshadow palettes are my favorite, and this one has beautiful colors! Love the natural finished look on you! :)

    Jenny // Geeky Posh

  18. alisnya wowww!
    and yes iam the nudes teammmmm

  19. I really like the colours!

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    1. Me too! Of course I will let yo know on your blog! <3

  20. very pretty palette and makeup! you look beautiful!

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  21. Nudes my laff banget yah yuuu hihiii.. Cantik! Lesung pipinya jg gakuaaat <3

  22. Makasi kak bia! Always a super cute kind of you! <3


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