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Purbasari Hi-Matte Lip Cream Hydra Series Reveiw and Swatches

Is it Worth the Hype?

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I hope life going well and not as busy as I am. LOL
So, In today's post I gonna revewing one of the most happening and hype local-Indonesian Lip cream that produced by the Brand Purbasari Cosmetics.
After got so much attention with their super wide-ranged color lipstick, Purbasari Cosmetics back to the game by made The Hi-Matte Lip Cream Hydra Series. I've read and watch so many good reviews about this product and to be honest can't wait to try them by myself. I was decide to buy it, but one day Purbasari opened a recruiment for bloggers to review their product, I never expected to be one of the bloggers that choosen to review their products. 
So yeah, thank you so much to Purbasari Indonesia to send me this bundle of joy(s)!

Packaging :
The Purbasari Hi-Matte Lip Cram Hydra Series come with black packaging with a  black box and the rectangle-shaped lip cream tube. The box looking elegant with the black dominant colour and gold text. On the box appear a small clear part on the front box, to let us see the shade of the lipstick. They also contain the ingredient, name and number of the shade, production date and expiry date. After we open the box, the product of purbasari ultra hi-mate hydra lip cream come with a rectangle shaped clear tube made with plastic clear glass and the cap also contain the applicator. Between the tube and the applicator there's contain a Little gold petal to complete the packaging that actually that no needed to add because it reflecting annoying light while I try to take a picture of the product :")
Over all I love the packaging it looking elegant anyway.

IDR 40-50 K (based on where you buy them)

About the product:
Purbasari Hi-Matte Lip Cram Hydra Series come with 5 beautiful shades that named based on flowers: 01 - Vinca, 02 - Azalea, 03 - Laantana, 04 - Zinnia, and 05 Freesia. The product contain 6.5 grams of product that also claimed themselves contain Vit E and UV Filter.
 While I opened the tube, I smells a sweet scent of vanilla-a-like cupcake, that I actually really love every kind of lipstick that smells like this. LOL. The product claimed itself a Matte LIp Cream and Hydra (that I tho It means hydrating). I agree with that self-proclaimed because while it first applied it feels like the the product literally hydrating my lips and then It becoming so matte. The product covering my lips so well with only one coat. Purbasari Hi-Matte Lip Cram Hydra Series for me they have some different consistency between 5 of the colors. No 01, 02, 03, feels stay hydrating even while they transform becoming matte, but the 04, and 05 becoming so dry after sometimes it applied. But the good news is they're not transferred! Super love!

Could you spotted the Gold reflecting the light?

01 Vinca
Vinca supposed to be the best nude shade for some fair skinned girl out there, but in my skin tone it looking so orange, if I am not put on a full face make up, this lip matte will looking so pale on me.

02 - Azalea
This is my always go-to color. I wore it for a week before take this photo just to feels how it on my lips. It stand pretty well, maybe about 6-8 hours if you not on a big meal.

03 - Lamtana

Lantana also a play-safe kind of color for brown skin tone like mine, its so pretty but deeper than the Azalea one.

04 Zinnia

This shade Zinnia I personally wouldn't wore this shade for daily use, because its so neonic-pink on my skin and I wouldn't like to use it as someone that always want to be invisible. LOL. But for night out with full face make up this color is stunning.

05 Freesia
Who doesn't love classic red lip color? That's not me, of course. Because this is my love at first sight of the series!

Pro (s)

Easy to Get
Affordable but super good quality
Beautiful shade(s)
Hydrating but Matte Finish
Not Transferred


Not consistent formula between the shades
Not-really contain friendly colors for brown skin tone


After trying all five of the shades of Purbasari Hi-Matte Lip Cream Hydra Series, I have some love hate situation. I love that they're hydrating but some of the colors that is the #04 and #05 feels like so dry in my lips. The colors range also look not so nice for a brown skin tone like mine, but for a brighter skin tone it would be better I tho. Like #01 it supposed to be looking nude on light skin tone but in my skin tone it looking like so oranges, no #02 #03 and #05 are fine and #04 looking like neonic-pink on my skin. 
So, for brown or 'sawo matang' skin tone like mine, and some of Indonesian girls out there I suggest you girls to buy no #02 #03 and #05, those colors will be just so pretty on your lips along with your skin tone. At the end I concluded that if you need new lip matte especially if you wanna get the hydrating formula one, you should considering to buy Purbasi Hi-matte Lip Cream Hydra Series because for me its a YES!!! YES it WORTH the HYPE.

Go to my youtube videos to watch the full video version of Purbasari Hi-Matte Lip Cream Hydra Series!

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  1. Vinca is such a gorgeous matte shade on you; so flattering and tropical for summer!

  2. All colors are amazing and looks perfect on you :D
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  3. my fav is azalea ! hehe

  4. How gorgeous! Love them all, but my favorite is the last one.
    Yes, we can definitely follow each other on ig. My ig is @fashionradi.

  5. I don't know this brand but already love them :-)

  6. Thanks a lot :D

    following you back via G+ :D It's a pleasure <3
    As I said, I really love this colors!

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  7. Lovely colors. Zinnia is so beautiful. You have perfect lips to matte lipsticks.
    Have a nice week Ayu :)

  8. I really love the colours and what a beauty!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  9. It sounds like a great product! I will have to check it out. Thank you for sharing! And you look fabulous! :)


  10. All of the those products look amazing, but my favourite is 1st shade, it looks really natural and lovely on you :)

  11. This is so nice! Have a great day!


  12. Beautiful colors dear! Enjoy! xoxo
    Vesna - Home Chic Club

  13. aku pengen nyobak yu bawa dong kl ktmu 😙


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