Saturday, July 8, 2017

Eating Diary: The MUST TRY FOOD in Bandung

FOOD COMA enough?

How are your life rolling this week?
Mine was soooo crazy, my night shift made me no sleep like for 24 hours, I am still hangover while write down this, btw. LOL
But no, you should have no doubt with my post because of I actually keep this for so many weeks before finally post this story.

Ok, on this post I wanna tell you guys about my food hunting stories during my vacation oin Bandung, about 2 months ago. I am sure I hangout with the very best one(s) in Bandung.

My first destination is a Boba Tea House named Fat straw. I mean who doesn't love boba tea this time? Eveyone do love boba tea, right?
I kinda blind about the brand Fat Straw before, but then  I saw the pictures on the store and also on Instagram (Yes! I do searching what I gonna try on before I eat them, LOL) and I think like why not? It looks yum anyway. 
I decide to try their Strawberry jam, milk and honey boba in one large cup! So much sin but its okay I make my self didnt starve during my movie marathon in XXI hehe.

Then I continue my first day journey by Knowing Bandung and forgot to shoot what I eat. 
Stupid me :(

My day 2 invention (s)

I do try to looking for some fancy place to visit and found a place named Justus Steak House. Justus is kinda well known in Bandung and they have some of branch and I decide to try their newest place in Jalan Cimanuk Bandung. They offer 50% off  for the breakfast time, pretty good deal for a solo traveler like me, right?
My plate: You Get More Than Enough.
The named and my plate told you guys.

This is Bandung's legendary street food!
Yes, its Bebek Goreng Ali Boromeus
They named it Baromeus because of the location is near st. Boromeus Hospital. 
They sell Indonesian's local night street food like fried duck, chicken, fish etc.
The legendary one?
The legit fried duck. Too legit till I cant express my feeling.
The best street food ever. Love!

I close my epic day two with this sweet and delight chocolate cake <3
I was walk from the Bebek Goreng Ali and passed by a super cute restaurant named Eat Boss around Dago Area. I cant eat heavy again and then decide to try this beautiful baby.
Look at those layer(s) of godness.

My day-3 invention (s):

This is taste beyond good!
The fresh milk straight from the famous  Lembang farm house Bandung itself!
I am not really a milk person but this milk is so okay form me. 

What's vacation without try on the local food?
Yes in day three I finally decide to try on Bandung's local food named Seblak.
Seblak usually served in a very very spicy taste, and I usually get away from anything spicy during a trip. But again, how could we leaving a place before trying on the iconic food?
Anyway, this Seblak samyang I ate from Warung Setiabudi Bandung.

I was so and really craving for this food so far away from I finally decide to visit Bandung. 
I fannaly did it! The foods from Chaigya Cafe Jalan Sawunggaling Bandung.
In frame: Mozzarella chicken with toppoki! Super yuuums!

Another food that I try from Chaigya Cafe: Ramyeon! Also with the toppoki and egg <3

When I was in Bandung the Korean drama legend of the blue sea was sooo happening, like everybody talks about that, A LOT.
and I think thats why Chaigya Cafe decide to create a bingsoo named  Bingsoo of the blue sea. LOL
Taste good, anyway. Not too sweet not too sour, right in between and delicious. Still from Chaigya Cafe, anyway :))

Day Four, and I have to go home :(

I was on a rushing before going home, back at a mall near my hotel to fing a shoes that my brother really want to have and I stopped by Chapyom Thai Tea's store and can't stop myself to try their Green Tea thai Tea <3

And I was too rushing to grab lunch before my flight back to Bali, so I ordered this bakso cilok, and cireng from abang-abang again near my hotel. LOL.

Have you watch my Bandung Vlog?

My Journey was suronded by beautiful foods, and I should be working harder to get more beautiful journey like my Bandung one. Until next time, See you guys!



  1. Really interesting post! Thanks for sharing)

  2. Great post!
    Have a lovely weekend, dear!

  3. Omo! Everything looks so yum! I wanna try that famous bobba tea!

  4. di Bandung byk bgt y brtebaran cafe2 korea, ak belum puaasss exploring bandung bbrp thn lalu ksana cm 2hr doang

  5. Oh maaaannn this food looks so good. I've had bobba tea a couple times but they've just been from dodgy streets in England, maybe I should try somewhere a little more authentic to fall in love with it haha.

    Little Moon Elephant

  6. Bu dokter makannya macem2 banget, eh bdewaiii size fotonya besarin dong biar aku making ngilerrr lagi wkwkwk


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