Saturday, July 1, 2017

Sp Review: Olivia Skin Bali Toxin Treatment

 You should spot my glowing skin, okay?

Hello my fellow blogger!

I am on a new stage of life now, that it means  I am moving to a different hospital in my co-ass life. Life running so hard and fast this past one week and I hardly pray that I will make it till my next 3 weeks. AMIN.

So, yeah. Back to our weekly talk. Now I will share to you guys about my experience trying out Toxin treatment from Olivia Skin Clinic Bali. The super young and talented manager of Olivia Skin Bali few weeks ago contacted me through Instagram DM and asked if I want to get a treatment from Olivia Skin Clinic Bali, and of course I answer its a YES. LOL. I mean who doesn't love face treatment? No matter how much you love your make up on, I believe that every each girl would rather to a healthy bare face skin, right?

The treatment that I've choosen in the Olivia Skin is the one that named Toxin treatment. The Toxin Treatment by Olivia Skin Bali main funcion is as the name, it try to re-new-ing our skin and take away the detox that comes trough the sun screen, polution or even the make up. I was trying on so much of new make up before I offered this treatment, so at the and I try this Toxin treatment among the others because of I wanna know how much the toxin(s) on my skin.

The Before Treatment Face with Natural Light and NO EDIT

You can see through the picture that I actually had a super red and bumpy acne in the time, so that I avoid the facial treatment and trying the detox treatment one.

The Detox treatment by Olivia Skin contain two steps:

1. The White Mask
2. The Black Mask

Toxin treatment by Olivia Skin taking 30-45 minutes to done the white and black mask.

The White Mask actually something like a white clear mask that will be stay still white if the skin not contain any detox, vice virsa. And guess what? I am not even surprised because of the white mask turning black after applied on my skin. That means I had so much detox to taken of from my skin.

Me on the Black Mask Treatment

The Black mask on the go, just  feel so calming, and so smoothing yet cooling on my face. This is sure gonna be feels like you've escaped your busy life, just way so good.

 I feel like have a whole new face after the black mask taken of from my face.

The After Treatment Face with natural light NO EDIT

Can you see how much better the redness on my acne(s) ??
 My skin even look so much more glowing after the Toxin Treatment.

I HIGHLY-HIGHLY recommended this treatment for the girls out there that love to put on full face make up all day long or the girls out there that love to trying new make up product like me!!
Skin after the treatment, I am feeling like my skin so much smoother after the treatment. 
Glowing skin is also the all-woman's dream come true by this treatment. So if you interest to trying on the treatmen(s) probably Olivia Skin could be one of your reference. Because of for me its a: YES.

Olivia Skin Social Media:

Line/WA: 082237538866



  1. Interesting beauty product. thanks for sharing

  2. Love the after effect. This black mask definitely works.
    Happy weekend!

  3. Sooooo nice! I love it so much!


  4. This sounds pretty good, I'd love to try it out.

    Little Moon Elephant

  5. Very interesting post! Thanks for sharing! 👌👌👌

  6. Sounds nice!
    Amazing post!

  7. Wow, the treatment completely calms down your redness ya Ayu, your face also looks brighter! <3



  8. Wih bener2 glowing yuu, amazing! <3<3

  9. Oohh would be nice to try this!


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